Racing Rivals Mod Apk v7.3.1 Unlimited Money and Gems Latest Version

Cars are one of the greatest inventions of all times. We need them for our day to day acivities and many people even choose car racing as their profession. Since cars are loved by everyone, game developers are have started making some amazing games on them like car racing games and many more.

The game that we’re going to talk about today is called racing rivals apk mod. This spectacular game has some very amazing features like it includes licensed cars which are loved by everyone. Brands include Mitsubishi, RWB and many many more.

You can now race on your favourite and most loved car for a wonderful experience. Moreover, The game also includes various different modes including team races where you can race with people from all over the world and career mode where you can race with a computer.

Moreover, the game also provides users with a chance to customise, tune and upgrade their car according to their preference. This amazing game has been downloaded by millions of people out there and has a great rating which makes it seem amazing.

Users must download it for an ultimate racing experience with marvellous graphics giving one a very realistic experience. Everyone must download it for a great time.

Have a look at the specifications of the game mentioned down below.

Racing rivals Mod Apk

Racing Rivals Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gems Latest Version

App NameRacing rivals Mod Apk
Size88.5 MB


Pros and Cons:


Free of cost:

Users get to play this amazing game completely free of cost. There no charges attached.


Installing this app is completely safe. Users don’t have to worry about their devices at all. They are 100% safe and sound.

File size:

The file size of the game is not huge which is a huge plus point since it won’t use much storage.

Easy to play:

This game is quite easy to play, with very easy controls.

Supports several different languages:

This spectacular game supports several different languages so that people from all over the world can enjoy this wonderful game.


Highly addictive:

This game is highly addictive. Users may play it for many hours which can result to be harmful.



The most important thing about every game is its graphics. This spectacular game has some very amazing graphics which makes it very realistic and and clear for the users to play.

Licensed cars:

The game includes some very amazing licensed cars like Brands line, McLaren, Dodge, Mitsubishi, RWB and many many more. The users now have a huge variety of cars too choose from, they can now race on their favourite car for a spectacular experience.

Weekly events:

Users get to participate in different weekly events which is very exciting.


Moreover, users also get an option to customise their cars according to their preference. They can now also tune and upgrade their cars.

6 cities:

Users get a chance to ride in 6 different cities according to their own preference. How exciting does that sound?

Different game modes:

Moreover, the game provides its users to play in different modes like career mode, team races and much much more. Isn’t that exciting?


Users are also provides with stuff lol nitro boosts, transmission, brakes, engine, suspension and much more.


Moreover, the sounds of the game are so amazing that it feels like you’re driving a car for real.

Mod/New features:

Unlimited nitro:

The mod version of the game has made sure that you never run out of nitro. It has an unlimited amount of nitro so that users can enjoy their racing experience to the fullest.

New garage:

An amazing new feature of the game is that it has a complete new garage for its users so that their cars can be parked their. How awesome does that sound? Having your very own garage seem pretty exciting for all the car lovers out there!

New map:

This amazing game has a very amazing and new map for its users making it easier to spot their own and their opponents location.

Daily events:

Moreover, the game also has an unlimited About of daily events which are very exciting for the users.

New rules:

There are a few new rules added in the game making it even more exciting and challenging for the users.

How to install?

The installation process of this game is as easy as cake. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and you’re good to go.


Users need to go to the security settings of their android devices and enable ‘unknown sources’


Now, you need to go the downloading link and  click on it to start downloading.


Once the download is complete, go to the file manager and search ‘Racing rivals apk mod’  When you find the file, click on it to start installing.


When the installation is complete, you will see the game icon on your home screen. Open it and start playing for an amazing time!


Is this an offline or an online game?

This is an online game.

How many users have downloaded this app?

This game has been downloaded by millions of users.

What is the file size of this app?

This file size of this game is 70Mb.

Is downloading this game safe?

Yes. Downloading this game is absolutely safe. Users don’t have to worry about anything at all. Their device will be 100% protected and safe and sound.

Does this game support different languages?

Yes. This game does support several different languages.

  • Gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Strategy

Final verdict

This amazing game has been recommended by loads and loads of people. Firstly, it has a very small file size which seems great since users don’t have to worry about their phone storage. Secondly, the game has amazing graphics and sounds which seems lol you’re actually driving for real. The mod version of the game provides its users with amazing features like unlimited nitro, a new map, new garage and more which is pretty awesome. People who love racing must download this game for a wonderful and adventurous experience.Happy racing!

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