Euro Truck Driver Simulator Mod Apk v3.1 Free Download

Driving is something we all love, right? It can be different vehicles but we simply enjoy a good ride. Today, we’re going to talk about a game that gives one a very realistic driving experience of a truck. The game is called ‘Euro Truck Driver Simulator Mod Apk’ and has been developed by Ovid-iv pop.

Euro Truck Driver Simulator Apk incredible game has been downloaded by loads of users out there who have simply loved it. Users get to drive different European trucks and also have the option to customize them according to how they like them. Moreover, the game also contains a multiplayer mode making it even more amazing for the users since they can now play the game with their friends from all over the world.

The incredible game requires users to solve several different tasks and also contains fines for traffic violations. This gives one a very realistic driving experience making it seem like you’re actually forcing a truck for real. If you’re looking for a good driving game, then this is the one for you. Download it and have an incredible time. Good luck!

The details of the game are mentioned down below.

Euro Truck Driver Simulator Mod Apk

Euro Truck Driver Simulator Mod Apk Free Download

App NameEuro Truck Driver Simulator Mod Apk
Size:51.7 MB
Version: v3.1

Racing / Simulation

Android 4.1
Google Play:

UpdatedMAY 8, 2019


Pros and cons:



An amazing feature that this game has is that it contains no third party
marketing, there are no ads involved in this game unlike many other games out there which
can turn out to be quite annoying for us and we end up uninstalling the game. When you
won’t face the same issue with this amazing mod version of euro truck.

Available in different regions:

Another as ata gets that the game has is that it is available in
different parts of the world which means it’s accessible to loads land loads of people. You
can now play it with your friend from the other side of the world in the multiplayer mode.

Millions of downloads:

This app has been downloaded by many millions of users out there with up to 10M downloads.

Free of cost:

This app is completely free of cost. Users can easily enjoy it without paying a single penny.



The only negative point of this game is that it requires a certain amount of
your storage to be free which is quite huge. The huge file size comes with a lot of other
problems too like slowing your phone and more.




The game includes several different trucks of 7 famous European brands. You can now drive your favourite truck for an incredible experience.


Moreover, users also get a chance to travel across Europe in 20 different cities like Madrid, Rome, Paris, Berlin, Prague and many more. How amazing and cool is that!


It doesn’t matter where you are, this amazing game can also be played offline without an Internet connection.

Multiplayer mode:

The game also includes an online multiplayer mode where you can play with your friends from all over the world for an incredible match.

Easy controls:

Moreover, the game has some very easy controls that make you drive your vehicle very smoothly and easily.


Users also get to complete several different tasks and earn rewards. The quicker you complete the task, the more rewards you get.

Weather conditions:

The weather conditions of the game are very realistic like day/night, summer/winter giving one a good feeling.


The game has some amazing sound effects with very realistic engine sounds which makes you feel like you’re actually driving a truck.

Real experience:

This game gives the user a very real driving experience. It has fines for many driving violation and much more!


This incredible game has some very impressive graphics which gives one a touch of reality.

New/Mod features:

Unlimited money:

The mod version of the game includes an unlimited amount of money making it easier for users to whatever they want in the game for a better and more adventurous gaming experience.

Regular upgrades:

The game now has regular upgrades so that users don’t have to wait longer for new features.

Technical errors:

All the technical errors the game was facing have now been fixed.

Bug fixes:

All the major and minor bug issues have now been fixed.

How to install?

Now that you’ve had a look at the features of the game, I’m sure you can’t wait to download it and try it out. Just follow the steps and you’ll be able to drive your truck and complete different tasks:

  • Step one is to download the game from the internet. You first need to enable the option of allow unknown sources and then you need to go to the internet and download the game.
  • Step two will be to wait for a bit until the download is complete. As soon as you’re done with the download, search the game in your folders.
  • Now installing the game will be your third step. When you’ve found the game, press it to install.
  • Now you’ll be able to play the game.


Does this game include any in app purchases?

Yes. This game does include some in app purchases but they are quite less compared to a game like this that has a huge amount of amazing features and is quite enjoyable as well.

Is the game easy or hard to play?

The game is quite easy to play. The controls of this game are very interesting and very easy to learn. Once you start playing the game, there’s no going back. You’ll absolutely love it.

Is the game addicting?

Yes. The game can turn out to be highly addictive for some users out there. Others need self control. The amazing features of the game make it very addicting for users.

Are the tasks challenging?

You will be given a number of tasks to complete. A few of them will be quite easy for you however a few of them will be challenging and that is what makes the game so interesting to play.

Is this game available on the google play store?

No. This game is not available on the google play store since it doesn’t support mod version of games.


  • Gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Strategy

Final verdict

This incredible game has been downloaded by millions of users out there and has a great user rating too. You now get to drive some very famous European trucks and complete several different tasks. You now get to drive around Europe for a very great experience. It’s a highly recommended game with some amazing features that one must try! So download is and have a fantastic time.

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