Download LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham APK v1.08 Mod + Data for Android

Download LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham APK:We as children were super captivated by super hearos, they have been part of our childhood in various forms like theme birthday parties, bags, pencils box, theme parties and Halloween etc. Whenever we got a chance to become a super hero we always choose our favorite ones, batman is amongst the most famous and relished super heroes.

Download LEGO Batman Beyond Gotham APK

The gaming industry has developed a spell bound game known as the Download LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham APK which is loved by many teenage kids. This game gives you an opportunity to become a super hero by saving people around the city and fly around it.

Download LEGO Batman Beyond Gotham APK

You will have to fight around the city like a super hero using your capabilities and the amazing visuals and graphics of the games make you relive your childhood once again. The application allows you to use powers and weapons. The gaming controls are surely very easy and simple to use as the gaming developers have given a special emphasis on making the game as simple as possible so each and every player understand the controls which makes the win highly likely to take place.

Download LEGO Batman Beyond Gotham APK

The game falls under the adventure category which is a breath of fresh for the players who are bored of playing action games and want something fun and light to play. The game is available for free trial as well as free download with less features accessible and not full feature available to use.

Download LEGO Batman Apk


Download LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham APK Mod + Data for Android

App NameDownload LEGO Batman Apk
Size:7.96 MB
Requires Android
4.0.3 and up
Warner Bros. Intern.....
Adventure, Mod
Get it on
Google Play


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Download LEGO Batman Beyond Gotham APK



  • Easy and fun

This game is very easy and fun to play, especially for beginners who are new to the gaming world. It can be learned very effortlessly and players need to remember only a few steps and controls in order to play it efficiently.

  • Classic control styles

This game has very classic game play style and easy simple controls which allows the player to perform well. Often games have a very difficult control that mitigate the players interest because they are unable to gain success in the game.

  • Unlocking powers

The players can play and unlock the power, the powers are new abilities possessed by the characters, enabling them to complete their mission successfully.

  • More than 100 unique characters

There are also a variety of characters and character’s features available to choose from. Variety keeps the players attracted to the game for a longer period of time.


  • Very Easy

Many people especially those who are not beginners find this game way too easy and not challenging. The quicker you get command on a game the less interesting it is to play after some time.

  • Cliché controls

The controls are way to repetitive and each character’s movements are similar, it makes the game overall very boring and non-challenging.


  • Light and fun

It is a light fun game, if you are getting bored and want to pass time playing a game which is not too complicated, this game is a very wise option for those times.

  • Getting access to unique abilities

As you progress in the game you will be able to unlock features which is in the form additional power and abilities.

  • Mobile phone friendly

Often games have controls that are hard to manage on the phone, however, the control on the android are equally easier of this game.


  • Sound effects and voice over

The game does not only have visual but also voice over and sound effects which makes the game seem like a movie.

  • Missions

The game plan of the game involves a lot of missions which makes the players feel liberated and they get motivated to finish the mission.


The game can be downloaded through two methods and those are stated below:

  • The first method is through Google play, simply search for the game and install it by clicking on the install button.
  • An alternative way is to go to your phone setting and then to the security option.
  • Enable the unknown file option present in the security section.
  • Once the phone is ready for the download, click on the download link and wait for the application to get downloaded.
  • Click on the install option. The game is now successfully installed.


Is game available on Google Play?

Yes! This game can be downloaded through Google play, in just a few steps you can download it on to your phones. However, if for some reason the Google play does not work, the above steps can be used in order to attain a successful download.

Is this game restricted anywhere in the world?

No! this game is available everywhere in the world. There is nothing to worry about, you can access it through out the world. If willing players can pay the limited fee to avail all the features that this game has to offer.

Is this game free to avail?

No! this game is not free to download, although players can get access to the free trail. The free version of the game has little to no features.

What are the flaws in this game?

This game has very easy controls and pattern which makes you feel that you can do it minutes which often makes a person feel bored. This game does not have challenges which makes the game feel bland and boring at times.

Download LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham APK Free
  • Gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Strategy


We all love to relax individually and get the burden off us by immersing into the digital game play world, if you are a new player and would love to start from a easy gaming platform this game might be the one for you as this game is very easy to play so players will pick the winning tricks very easily. This game also has sound and voice over along with visuals which makes you think that you are a character of a story itself. This game is very easier to download and especially good for teenagers who fell drawn towards super heroes and fantasy characters. Through this game you can save lives of many ordinary people around the city and use your abilities to fight against evil. This game is a must try if you want to play a lighter game which does not spike up the energy too much.

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