App2sd Pro Mod Apk v16.0 Free Download

App2sd Pro Mod Apk Everyone has a smart device in the era of technology. If you have smart device, then you should have knowledge about keeping the device managed. There was a time when everyone wanted to have complete access on their device. Now there are many methods to get complete access on your device but the best and well known method is known as Root.

There are so many things which you do not want in your device but could not delete because of system restrictions similarly there are many apps and other things that you want to keep safe and want to transfer from device to other storage but due to limitations, you are not able to do that.

Well there is a unique app which will let you do that I mean you can now transfer your important and private apps from device to SD card and can free of storage in your device. This well-known and immensely popular app is known as App2SD Pro.

App2SD Pro is a great app and have all in one tools for android. This app has great features so that you can keep your device clean and optimize. You can now easily transfer things and even apps to your SD card.

This is a Pro version of App2SD which will give you even more features and access to your device and also this version does not contain in-app ads so that you can use without any issue. There are so many other features to talk about so let’s start.

App2sd Pro Mod Apk

App2sd Pro Mod Apk Free Download

App NameApp2sd Pro Mod Apk
Size14.9 MB
Vicky Bonick
2.3 and up
Get it onGoogle Play
Updated On:
Sep 16, 2018


Advantages and Disadvantages


File Manager:

App2SD Pro is a powerful with amazing tools for android and it will give you full access in your device. You can easily manage your files and apps with the help of this application.

No In-App Ads:

App2SD Pro is premium app with more features and everything is already unlocked in this app. This pro version of the app does not have in-app ads so that you can use this app without getting bother.

Light Size App:

App2SD Pro is really a light weight app and you do not need a big storage to for this app. You can easily manage your whole device efficiently.


Root Required:

if you want to use this app completely then you must have root access in your device and your device must be rooted otherwise this app will not work like the way it should be.


Transfer App to SD Card

Now with the help of this app you can transfer your files and even apps from your device to SD card. For this, you must have a root access in your device otherwise it will not be possible for you to do that.

Hide Apps and Games

App2SD Pro has great features and every feature is fully accessible. You can now hide the apps and games in your device and you can even protect these apps with the password with the help of this app. You can hide apps and games with password protection.

Advance Reboot Options

In App2SD Pro, there is a feature called Advance Reboot Option and with the help of this option you can reboot into safe mode, bootloader and into recovery mode as well just with one click.

Hibernate Apps

With the help of App2SD Pro, you can hibernate the apps which you do not use. Hibernating the apps will restrict them to run in the background without permission. You can use the app manually if you wanted.

Technical issues resolved

In App2SD Pro, all the technical problems and other issues are now fixed because the developers of this app regularly keep the app refreshed. Every update fixes the errors and make the app perfect.


This app is 100% completely safe and clean from every security threats and there is no any virus in this app. You can easily install and protect your device without any problem.

How to Download

  • If you want to download the Pro version of App2SD Apk, first you need to go to the settings of your phone.
  • Open the security options of your phone, and afterward go to the unknown sources and check this box if not already.
  • After that you have to go to the website from where you will download the Apk file.
  • Now go to the directory where you just put the downloaded App2SD Pro Apk file.
  • Open the file and tap on install button located at the right bottom corner.
  • After installation, launch the file from menu and transfer apps.


Is App2SD Pro Mod Apk safe from viruses?

Yes! App2SD Pro is purely safe and clear from all the security threats and viruses like worms, Trojan vandals, spywares and malwares etc. Users can easily download and install this app from internet without any problem and can keep the device clean.

Is App2SD Pro Mod Apk free?

Yes! You can easily download and install the Apk file of App2SD Pro Mod Apk completely free of cost and because this app is freely available on internet and you need no real amount to pay for anything.

Is App2SD Pro Mod Apk a light weight?

Yes! App2SD Pro Mod Apk app is a light weight app in size and you do not need a heavy storage to download and install this app in your device.

Can non-rooted devices download this app?

Not at all! You cannot download this app without rooting your device. You need a rooted device in order to get this app otherwise this app is useless for your device if you do not have root access in your device.

Can I download this App2SD Pro Mod Apk from Google Play Store?

Absolutely not! You cannot download this app from google play from. You can only download this app directly from internet in the form of Apk.

  • Working
  • Easy To Use
  • Compatibility

Final Verdict

App2SD Pro Mod Apk is most efficient and powerful file manager app on android. You can even transfer your apps into your SD card. You can hibernate unused apps with the help of this app. This app is completely free from any cost and you can only download this app directly from internet.

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